by The Worthmores



Recorded by Eric Tuffendsam at Moonlight Studios - Fairfield, OH


released October 3, 2012

Arnie Wilbur - Guitar, Vocals
Sam Banta - Bass, Vocals
Tom Bolton - Drums



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The Worthmores Cincinnati, Ohio

The Worthmores are a three piece pop punk band from Cincinnati, OH.

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Track Name: Luke, I Am Your Stepfather
I took a new way home to recap on some old spores
Foreign lawnscapes and exteriors
But, I've been down this road before
A sore subjective beckons, your words are flames, I am consumed
You take your time with me, like the night I took my time with you


Over the years
We've multiplied
There's nothing left
But to subtract and divide

Now we're fractions of
Our model homes,
Sometimes closed minds think alike
We should be proud to hang our heads

I unpacked my shit amongst yours
No more sleeping with the phone
Bickered over lubricants
and a tile that exclaimed "home sweet home"
Masochistic mannerisms,
I'm your new master serve me food
My emotions are balled and gagged
There is no love here in this room

Serve me up all your lies
Save room for compromise

Serve me up all your lies
Save room for compromise
Foundation is finally falling down
I thought I'd live to see the day
Everything worked out ok
I'm better off when no one is around
Track Name: Rolling Rocks and Amber Bocks
These bars are filled with faces
I have never seen before.
Sometimes I feel so out of place,
I don't want to remember those times

when I got so drunk
that I passed out right up on the stage
and woke up in Clifton Heights.


It's late.
I know you.
You're done with me.
I can't blame you.

I said I'm sorry.
It wasn't much.

It's hard to look at your reflection
and know that you were wrong.
I'll never say this to your face,
so I'll sing it in this song.

And you want to come along,
but that never worked before,
so we'll only say "So long..."

I hope you find what you're looking for
before you drown yourself in what you lost before

We're losing touch like a telegram.
You're closing doors and I'm a battering ram.
I see a face, but I can't make it out.
And you're not here.